How To Find The Best Clip-In Hair Extension? : Popular Hairdresser’s Words

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How To Find The Best Clip-In Hair Extension? : Popular Hairdresser’s Words

As a hairdresser, I wonder after seeing some fashion-conscious girls how they adopt improper ways to obtain hair volume and make it more silky & smooth than before. But walking blindly behind the fashion trail, they start using some gimmick products or consume some hair growth pills which may have side-effects. Strange, but true!

You might be thinking then what should we do to obtain glossy, long hair? Wait for a moment! I have a quick solution to your problem; go for hair extensions. Yeah, they allow you to add a couple of inches and volume to the locks without waiting for them to grow. But trouble is, there is so many human hair extensions clip in to choose from and this can be daunting to all new users.

So, for helping purpose, I share some tips to choose the best clip-in hair extension from the heap of them…

1. Know the grams per clip-in set

It is important to know how many grams of hair are there in a single clip-in set so that you can ensure to get secure and usable clip-ins. This is because you may be shown a set of 7 to 10 pieces but, they may be lightweight and not have enough hair. So, decide on the length and thickness you want to have and also take your natural hair’s length into account.

So, as to know how many grams are best for you, it always depends on the length you want your clip-ins to have.

2. Only choose Remy human hair

There are two ways to go with hair extensions, either go for virgin hair or Remy hair extensions. Don’t opt for anything less than virgin Remy hair extension because by doing so, there are more chances you may get disappointed. Remy means you will get hair with all the cuticles intact. Non-Remy hair has its outer-most cuticles removed by acidic treatment and then treated with silicone so that they appear smooth.

So, either buy Remy human hair or go for hair extensions online for having perfect hair growth.

3. Decide on the length of your clip-in hair extensions

If you choose long clip-ins, it becomes heavier for you to wear. So, it is important to not go too for long, especially if you are having hair extension for the first time. Give yourself sufficient time to get used to them before you try more length. If you are selecting extra long hair extension then there are more chances that you will not wear them as you will feel the weight on the scalp.

That’s why, length of your clip-in hair extensions is more important for the entire look. The wrong choice may cause a problem or also looks imperfect on you. So, select wisely!…

Few Fruitful lines

Hereby, I keep my promise of sharing the secret of famous Hollywood celebrities. Now, it’s your turn to make this guide worth by adopting clip-in hair extensions for hair growth & shine; and at the same time, leave those ineffective tablets or treatments that you are currently using. Never compromise on style!

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