Types of Hair Extensions;

The Tress Temple Team put together this piece to help the masses understand the popular lingo used in the virgin hair industry. This week we will look at the various types and methods of adding hair human hair extensions women use to achieve full length and volume.

Human Hair Wefts: Before Tress Temple hair is constructed into the form it is sold in, it is obtained from vegan donors as loose or bulk hair. Then using a triple-head sewing machine, the loose/bulk hair is stitched tightly close to the root of the individual strands of the bulk/loose hair. The process is performed so carefully that the individual strands don’t fall out, or in other words, shed. You see more on our process on our Facebook page.

Human Hair Bundles: Here at Tress Temple, our hair comes in measurements of 1 pack of human hair commonly called a Bundle. Our raw virgin hair that has been weft onto a track is ultimately bundled together like a bushel of hay. Each Tress Temple bundle could weigh anywhere from approximately 3.5oz to 3.8oz. To achieve natural hair extensions looks, you could use anywhere from 2 to 2.5 bundles. To achieve a full hair weave look, opt for 3 to 3.5 bundles. We also offer hair bundle deals to individuals looking for varying lengths and want a discount. You can checkout our bundle deals at

Lace Frontal: Tress Temple lace frontals are head pieces with a lace base that goes from ear to ear. Our lace frontals mimic the normal headline of a woman and it offers great versatility. With lace frontals, women no longer have to worry about typical leave out problems like heat pressing, humidity, and your leave out not matching your hair weave. Our lace frontals come in 13” across (from ear to ear) and 4” width.

Lace Closure: Just like the lace frontals, our closures are lace-based headpieces that are typically worn at the crown of your head. They give an illusion of a natural hairline part. They do not offer as much versatility as lace frontals do, however, they still allow individuals to forgo having leave out. Our lace closures are 5”X5” in size.

Clip in Hair Extensions: Clip in extensions are pieces of wefts that have clips sewn on to attach the hair extensions to ones’ actual hair. Clip ins are the best human hair extensions a woman could ask for because they are temporary. They are easy to put in and one can achieve pretty much whatever look one desires. You can go from short hair in the morning, to long hair at night, to your actual hair length the next morning.

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