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While the hair industry has been a witness to countless ‘Fraud’ virgin hair companies, we at Tress Temple choose to stand out. Our most sought after locks are derived from the Holiest temples in the Seshachalam Hills, located in the southern part of India. The donors here live according to ancient tradition, Sri Venkateswara, who is believed to have taken a loan in order to fund his own wedding celebrations. He incurred so much debt from the celebrations that he continues to pay it off to this day, and requires assistance from his followers in doing so. Hindu women come to the Holy Temples to donate their hair to help his cause. These women of course are compensated heavily for their donations.


Coming straight from vegan diets, our locks are visibly healthy and bursting with moisture and life. Our wefts are thick, both in volume and the overall construction. The durable wefts have been machine-woven and designed with care to ensure the longevity of the hair. Our customers experience maximum satisfaction and guarantee of the best raw virgin hair on the market. Due to the fact that Tress Temple hair has not been altered in any way, our patrons tend to experience no shedding, no tangling and endless compliments. We strive to educate people on the dangers of buying “gold tied” hair by explaining the origins of our hair and the quality measures we take to produce a better product. Say no to “gold tied” hair, and say YES to Tress Temple. We promise not to disappoint.    

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