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Did you know, you could be adding an additional $2000 to your current monthly income by becoming a Tress Temple Goddess?

Being a Tress Temple Goddess is almost effortless, and it has the power to boost your income tremendously. As hairstylists, we sometimes tend to refer our customers to companies that either do not pay much, or are simply not worthy of our referral. Not anymore! Tress Temple now offers a program that allows you to get a piece of every single one of your clients' hair sales. Imagine, not just getting paid to do your clients’ hair, but also getting a cut of what they spent on the hair. It would be like your customer leaving you a large tip after a job well done! 

What are the perks of being a Tress Temple Goddess you ask? Well, for a small start-up fee ($200), you’ll get:

  • 40% off Discount Code that NEVER expires!
  • 3 Free bundles to serve as samples

This start-up kit is a $350+ value just for the bundles and the even greater value is that you’ll get your personal bundles for 40% off… FOREVER!  

What makes Tress Temple different from the other companies with similar programs?

Many people ask this, and our response is that we give you a product you can TRUST! Have you ever referred someone to a hair company, and less than 3 months later, they came back angry with complaints of horrible tangling, shedding, and loss of texture? That’s the difference. Our hair, harvested from vegans in Southeast Asia, is built to last way over a year with proper maintenance and care. That's right, you can install and re-install the hair all year and still maintain the fresh look. Also, being that it is authentic raw virgin hair, it can be cut, curled, permed, colored, and manipulated into any form real human hair can be altered.

A Tress Temple Goddess is an individual who values the true meaning of authentic raw virgin hair. Unlike the "Gold Tie Virgin Hair" companies claiming to sell every exotic origin of hair, Tress Temple Goddesses are vendors of real authentic locks. Have you ever noticed that the wholesalers of Brazilian, Peruvian, and Mongolian  "virgin hair" are always Chinese? Also, how is it possible to get all three bundles for only $150?  Hmmm, suspicious right? This is what sets us apart from the rest. Your customers will unanimously thank you for connecting them with quality hair that will withstand time.

How does the program work?

If you are even interested in joining the program, that means you come in contact with a lot of potential hair buyers every day. That’s what makes the program so easy! When you join the program, you’ll get to choose a code that you think will be easy for your customers to remember. A lot of our Goddesses like to post the code near their hairdressing stations or in social media posts. However you give out your code is your choice, but the code is used to identify YOU as the referrer. When the customer you sent uses your code at checkout, not only do they get a 5% discount, but you get a piece of the sale.

Please note that in order to remain qualified in the program and enjoy the benefits, you have to meet a minimum purchasing quota of 6 bundles per month. We reserve the right to reject applications we feel will not be of any benefit to our organization. In the case of a rejected application, monetary funds will be refunded to the individual.

How do I get paid? 

All we require of our Goddesses is that you have a Paypal Account. We use Paypal to securely pay you your earnings. If you do not have a Paypal account, don't worry, sign up is easy and it can be done here.

How much money do I get for the customers I send?

Tress Temple Goddesses are broken into two tiers. Goddess levels and their payouts are explained below:

You start as a level 1 Goddess by entering the program. At level 1, you are paid 15% of every sale you bring. With our average sale being $500, you can look forward to making about $75 per sale just for sending someone to buy hair.

However, the earnings possibilities don’t stop there! If you can get 11 or more people to buy from us within a month, you will be promoted to a level 2 Goddess. Getting to level 2 is very easy for hairstylists and other social media hair influencers. Once you reach level 2, your status will never be stripped from you even if your sales drop in the months that follow. With average sales being $500, you would be making $100 for doing almost nothing just from ONE hair sale. It’s that easy!

How often do I get paid?

Our commission processing is fairly quick. You will be paid via Paypal within 48 hours of the order that was placed.

How do I get started in the program? 

Step 1: Complete the quick sign-up form below

Step 2: Purchase the Tress Temple Goddess Start-Up kit here

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